TFBX Token is Now Multichain

2 min readApr 20, 2022


As of April 15th, we are delighted to announce that TrueFeedBack has successfully integrated TFBX token on Ethereum, CELO and Binance Smart Chain networks!

This marks a critical point in the ecosystem growth as now TFBX token can easily be bridged between 3 separate networks and TFBX holders can easily transfer their tokens with low fees on CELO and BSC networks! To bridge between networks, holder can visit: and select TFBX once they connect their wallet. Users are advised to watch for fees before bridging as ETH related bridging can be expensive due to the network.

Currently TFBX is listed on the ETH network on all centralized exchanges on which it is listed. TFBX is listed on Ubeswap and MEXC on the CELO network. Therefore, MEXC users can transform their tokens between ETH and CELO on the exchange without having to do anything.

TFB Blackstar mobile application rewards will be distributed over the CELO network and users can withdraw their rewards for very low fees and can easily cash out if they would like.

Tegisto exchange, a new DEX product developed by TrueFeedBack, will initially launch on BSC but will also be multichain to cater to all TFBX networks. Tegisto will also provide a bridge option for TFBX in the future.

In short this great news highlights some important points to come:

  • TFBX is now a multichain token that can operate in different fields and attract different target markets on all networks
  • TFB Blackstar rewards can now be easily distributed and sold on exchanges
  • Tegisto can be the hub of all TFBX investors
  • Different DEX platforms like Pancakeswap can now be accessible and TFBX can be listed on Pancakeswap, one of the largest crypto platforms.




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